14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (2024)

14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (1)


14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (2)

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14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (6)


Featured Provider

620 W Sierra Madre Ave, Gilbert, AZ85233

Expertise.com Rating

Why choose this provider?

Magnet Marketing SEO works with contractors in the HVAC and plumbing, roofing, and landscape and tree services industries. It helps Tempe service providers maximize operations, generate revenue, and improve online relevancy through its array of digital marketing solutions. The family-owned agency offers pay-per-click advertising services, including keyword-focused content creation and landing page optimization. Its team also handles SEO, web design, and social media marketing projects. Magnet Marketing SEO has served Hercules Roofing, L. Davis HVAC Services, and Garden State Home Remodeling.

Tempe, AZ

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (7)(18)
5.0 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (8)(9)
5.0 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (9)(1)

Why choose this provider?

Sophisticated Marketing Solutions has been serving clients in and around Tempe since 2019. It works with small businesses and professional marketing teams seeking to grow revenue through PPC advertising and paid search marketing. The agency's experts undertake analysis, customer targeting, and research to develop strategies for increasing website traffic and conversions for businesses. They set up ads for Facebook, YouTube, Google, Google My Business, LinkedIn, and shopping platforms. Sophisticated Marketing Solutions employs experts certified in Google, Microsoft Advertising, and Amazon Sponsored Ads.

PO Box 27275, Tempe, AZ85285

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (10)(6)

Why choose this provider?

Deviant Digital Services has been helping businesses throughout Tempe since 2021. The agency runs pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook for clients aiming to increase the number of their qualified leads. It also has experience launching and monitoring retargeting campaigns. The agency provides other solutions, including reputation management, local search engine optimization, and website management. Its owner, Jaryn Dominique, holds a certification in Google Analytics. Her previous clients consist of B2B, Health & Wellness, E-commerce, legal & real estate, bar and restaurant, and more.

P.O. BOX 2556, Tempe, AZ85280

Expertise.com Rating

Why choose this provider?

Fresh Start Studio is a digital marketing agency that addresses the online presence concerns of business owners in Tempe. The company helps its clients increase their website traffic and maximize their profits through pay-per-click advertising campaigns. These include market research, competitor assessment, keyword research, and landing page refinement. It offers related services, such as link building, search engine optimization, and content marketing. Fresh Start Studio has worked with brands like Pete & Mac, TradeFox, and U-Haul.

315 W Elliot Rd #107-262, Tempe, AZ85284

Why choose this provider?

ProExquisite is a full-service marketing agency that helps businesses in Tempe take advantage of marketing opportunities across various channels. It creates, implements, and manages PPC programs to drive online traffic, increase brand recognition, and improve web rankings in search engines. The agency has provided digital marketing solutions to several clients, including Trauma Institute International, Fit Biz Toolbox, and Zorbz Technologies. ProExquisite approaches digital marketing in a flexible and integrated manner, leveraging the diverse skill sets of its team.

Phoenix, AZ85001

Why choose this provider?

Adwest Net handles internet marketing projects for manufacturers, service providers, and entrepreneurs in the Tempe metro. The firm provides clients with tailored websites and advertisem*nts that attract organic leads and draw engagement from specific demographics on sites like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Its team manages pay-per-click and remarketing efforts, using its knowledge of sponsored search factors and local listing mechanics to improve a company's digital reach. Its members, who have over a decade of industry experience, are also accredited Google partners.

Sun City, AZ85351

Why choose this provider?

AbiTeq Internet Marketing designs PPC advertising programs for small- and medium-sized businesses in and around Tempe. It uses valuable keywords and monitors the performance of PPC ads in real time to optimize clients' advertising ROI. In addition, the company offers digital marketing services such as SEO, custom web programming, and link building. AbiTeq Internet Marketing has over 20 years of industry experience. Its director, George Allen, is a lead generation expert who integrates online marketing strategies with clients' traditional marketing resources.

Tempe, AZ

Why choose this provider?

PayButton Media serves clients across the Tempe area. The agency works with a variety of businesses—ranging from phone repair shops to epoxy product retailers—and offers pay-per-click advertising services. It runs ads on social media platforms and search engines, including Facebook and Google. The agency also applies responsive design practices to build web pages compatible with multiple devices. It performs other jobs related to search engine optimization, like backlink building and Google My Business page modification.

633 E Ray Rd 133-C, Gilbert, AZ85296

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

4.3 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (11)(3)

Why choose this provider?

PowerTraffick addresses the marketing concerns of businesses in and around Tempe. It provides pay-per-click management solutions to help clients drive website traffic, increase revenue, and compare average ROIs to various competitors like JumpFly, Jellyfish, and Wordstream. The company creates and develops PPC ad campaigns for different social media platforms, as well as offers blog content creation and authority link building services. Its team has worked with Elite Sport & Fitness, Buying Homes, Concord Technologies, and The Goldstone Interiors.

Tempe, AZ85282

Expertise.com Rating

Why choose this provider?

Nour Marketing assists Tempe businesses in navigating the difficult and complex aspects of internet marketing. Pay per click advertising, lead generation, sales generation, organic account management, search engine optimization, and marketing plans tailored to the clients' needs are among the services it offers. Nour Marketing also teaches clients how to create and manage Facebook and Google ads. Its mission is to use its knowledge of the marketing industry to assist organizations in growing their brands.

950 E. Baseline #1014, Tempe, AZ85283

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (12)(31)

Why choose this provider?

Mapping Your Marketing provides clients with digital marketing strategies that aim to target and convert new customers. With the help of targeted ads and listings in Google search results and high-traffic websites, the company helps businesses in the Tempe area reach more potential customers. Its team also optimizes advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other digital platforms. In addition, the company offers complimentary 30-second video commercials that clients can use on their websites or social media pages.

2465 W 12th St Suite #4, Tempe, AZ85281

Expertise.com Rating

Why choose this provider?

Body Sculpting Marketing caters to clients in Tempe and the surrounding areas. It helps medical spas and professionals succeed in the marketplace and increase profits by offering various marketing programs, including PPC advertising. It creates and manages PPC ad campaigns structured to present products and services to prospective customers. The agency's specialists also optimize search engines and run social media marketing campaigns to help drive traffic to clients' websites. Body Sculpting Marketing has been in the industry for over a decade.

1438 W Broadway Rd Ste. 208, Tempe, AZ85282

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (13)(4)

Why choose this provider?

REV77 is marketing agency that provides a customized and scalable web solutions for clients in Tempe. It formulates pay-per-click advertising strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. It curates and hones ad campaigns to help convert and deliver leads. It also offers web development, SEO, social media management, and email marketing services. REV77 has worked with numerous clients in different verticals since 2018, including healthcare, legal, education, and home services. It is a Google Partner and Microsoft Advertising Partner.

4500 S. Lakeshore Dr., Ste. 300, Tempe, AZ85282

Expertise.com Rating

Review Sources

5.0 14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (14)(1)

Why choose this provider?

Desert Path comprises a team of journalists, marketers, and media professionals based in Tempe. It executes PPC ad campaigns to help businesses communicate messages that resonate with their ideal customers. The company creates localized landing pages and works on building clients’ credibility by managing reviews, testimonials, and other online information. Its team is led by John Triplett, a Cox Media Interactive veteran and the founder of Austin360.com. He is also experienced in digital business development and marketing.

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NameExpertise RatingAddressPromotionsLearn more
Magnet Marketing SEO620 W Sierra Madre Ave, Gilbert, AZ85233

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Sophisticated Marketing Solutions

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Deviant Digital ServicesPO Box 27275, Tempe, AZ85285

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Fresh Start StudioP.O. BOX 2556, Tempe, AZ85280

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ProExquisite315 W Elliot Rd #107-262, Tempe, AZ85284

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Adwest Nest

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AbiTeq Internet Marketing

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PayButton Media

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PowerTraffick633 E Ray Rd 133-C, Gilbert, AZ85296

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Nour Marketing

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Mapping Your Marketing950 E. Baseline #1014, Tempe, AZ85283

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Body Sculpting Marketing2465 W 12th St Suite #4, Tempe, AZ85281

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REV771438 W Broadway Rd Ste. 208, Tempe, AZ85282

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Desert Path4500 S. Lakeshore Dr., Ste. 300, Tempe, AZ85282

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  • What is PPC in marketing?

    PPC stands for pay-per-click. It's a form of online advertising where the advertiser only pays when people click on the ad. PPC ads are targeted by keywords and other factors, so they show up in search engines and on websites for people who might be interested in specific products. For example, PPC ads for makeup might show up on women's clothing sites.

  • What is a PPC agency?

    A PPC agency provides services to create, launch, and manage PPC ad campaigns. Since the best results with these ads require constant monitoring and tweaking, many businesses choose to outsource the process to experts or services that offer automation tools.

    Some common services provided by PPC agencies include:

    • Keyword research to ensure ads are properly targeted
    • Creation of PPC ad copy
    • Creation of ad bidding rule sets
    • Monitoring of ad campaigns
    • Tweaking bidding and other parameters to maximize results
  • How much do PPC agencies charge?

    The cost of PPC advertising through an agency depends on its fee schedule, including how much exposure a company wants and what it's willing to pay for that exposure. Costs can average between $500 and $5,000 a month for management fees alone. Some common fee structures include:

    • Percentage of ad spend: The client pays the PPC agency a percentage of what it spends on advertising—typically 15% to 30%. This structure tends to be better for smaller accounts.
    • Management fee: The client pays a flat management fee on top of advertising costs. Good for companies running the same type of campaigns monthly.
    • Management fee plus a percentage of ad spend: A good option for larger clients with many administrative requirements.
  • What is a PPC marketing campaign?

    A PPC marketing campaign is a group of ads meant to drive specific results. A company might launch an ad campaign to draw attention to a new product, for example, with ads leading to various types of landing pages for the product. Another option is a government agency paying for ads to inform people about health insurance options or requirements for new housing programs.

  • Is PPC paid search?

    Yes, PPC can be a form of paid search, which means that a company is paying to show up for relevant searches. For example, a new HVAC business that doesn't want to wait six months for SEO to pick up might pay for PPC search ads, so it starts showing up when people look for HVAC service providers in the area.

  • Is AdWords the same as PPC?

    No, Google Ads or AdWords is not the same thing as PPC. PPC is an overarching term for any pay-per-click advertising campaign. Google Ads or AdWords is a type of PPC offering.

    When someone pays for ads through this network, the PPC ads are placed on pages within Google's ad network. That can include search ads, which are text ads or sponsored links that appear at the top or side of search results on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. It can also include PPC display ads, which show up on websites within the Google ad network. According to Google, its network covers 90% of the internet.

  • What does CPC mean?

    CPC stands for cost per click. This is how much an advertiser pays every time an ad is clicked. It helps determine the total cost of a campaign, but advertisers can also set a budget. For example, if the budget is $100 and the average cost per click is 25 cents, the campaign supports 400 clicks.

  • How much is Google pay per click?

    The cost of a click depends on several factors, including how much was bid for the keyword and the level of competition. On average, cost per click via the Google Ads network is between $1 and $2, though companies can pay much less than that for less competitive keywords. CPC for Google Search Network ads averages less than $1.

  • Does Google AdWords help organic search?

    Some people believe paying for ads supports organic search, but this isn't typically true. The belief is that more exposure drives more clicks, which leads Google to believe a page is the right answer for a specific search. But the search engine is much smarter than that, and the best way to increase SEO is through strong optimization efforts.

  • Why use PPC marketing?

    PPC marketing is a flexible, potentially fast-paced option for getting the word out about products, services, events, or other offerings online. Some benefits include:

    • Rapid exposure to targeted audiences. PPC ads can launch within minutes, and website traffic can be impacted from day one.
    • Ability to tweak on the fly. Advertisers can run AB testing and change ads in real-time for improved results.
    • Ads may increase brand awareness. PPC ads put the website, company name, or product in front of users more often than other forms of online marketing.
    • Chance to hypertarget. Companies can target very specific demographics with different offers to increase engagement.

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14 Best Tempe, AZ Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Agencies | Expertise.com (2024)


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