Kent Christmas | Biography (2024)

Pastor and Founder of the church Regeneration Nashville

Pastor Kent has been a member in the ministry for over 5 decades

Pastor Kent Christmas rose to fame after giving his prophetic word for 2020, "the Lord is opening heaven for his saints" and "the Lord is going to release something so glorious, both Spiritually, and in the natural realm." He became famous for this prophecy after the coronavirus pandemic took the lives of many people in 2020.

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Kent Christmas is the founder of the prophetic church called Regeneration Nashville, Nashville, Tennessee. He is also known for his prophecies.

Who is Kent Christmas?

Kent Christmas is a pastor and evangelist. He started preaching at 17 and devoted himself to evangelism at 21. Since then, he has served as a full-time minister for over 50 years. In 2007, he founded the church named Regeneration Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee. Kent is known for his 2020 prophecy about God's message of reordering the church and the nation in 2020.


Kent was primarily a self-taught pastor andbeganpreaching at the age of 17. He then became a full-time evangelist at age 21.

Today, Kent has been serving as a full-time minister for over 50 years. He has a wide fan following around the globe andhasover 74k followers on his Facebook page as of November 2021.

Struggles of Starting Church

After preaching for over 25 years across the United States and overseas, Kentmadeseveral failed attempts to set up his ministry. Finally, Kent started the church after hearing a word from God that said, "start a church."

"Obedience to God's word started humbly the next Sunday morning with 4 in attendance. But God is not interested in where we start. He's interested in where we finish," Kent said.

He struggled for many years trying to start and operate a church. He preached only two people during his first service but continued following the path that God told him.

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Regeneration Nashville

After years of struggles, Kent and his wife, Candy Christmas,foundedRegeneration Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee, in November 2007. Regeneration Nashvillewasoriginally named Resting Place Church. However, after a decade, they changed the name of the church. Kent is currently focussing on strengthening the Church Body.

YouTube Channel

Pastor Kent also has aYouTube channel called Prophetic Message,where he posts different prophecy videos. He started the channel in August 2020 and has over 158k subscribers and 48 million views as of February 2022.

Early Bio

Pastor Kent Christmas's birthday falls on 21 June, andhe iscurrently in his late 60s. His father was a missionary to the American Indians who raised him on Indian reservations. Growing up, Kent was exposed to a lot of spiritual warfare in church, but he believed he also witnessed God's miracles at the time.

In an interview with Lake City Pentecostal Holiness Church (LCPH) in June 2020, Kent recalled, "There was a mixture of Catholicism and witchcraft in church and so we saw a lot of manifestations and the powers of darkness and yet we saw God do great things."

Kent received the baptism at the age of nine. He said that being raised in the church developed his ability for prayer.

Kent Christmas Prophecy

Pastor Kent has been sharing his prophetic messages at different churches, stages, and conferences for years. Heroseto fame after giving his prophetic word for 2020, saying that in 2020 "the Lord is opening heaven for his saints" and "the Lord is going to release something so glorious, both Spiritually, and in the natural realm." Hebecamefamous for his prophecy after the coronavirus pandemic took many people's lives in 2020.

Aside from his 2020 prophecy, he has also prophesied about national sports, Donald Trump, and massarrests. His prophetic words have turned both true and false. Kent and his wife, Candy,hosted a prophetic conference on 21 November 2021.


Kentismarried to the Southern gospel singer Candy Christmas, who appeared on over 60 Gaither Homecoming videos. Candyisalso a founder of The BridgeInc., which focuses on alleviating the suffering of disadvantaged children, the homeless, and the working poor of Nashville, Tennessee.

The couple marked their 34th wedding anniversary on 17 August 2021 and shared the post on Facebook. The couplehasthree children,sonsJoshua and Nicholas Christmas and daughter Jasmine Christmas Brady. The couple also has four grandchildren.

Although several unreliable sources said Candy and Kent were divorcing, it is unclear whether they really filed for a divorce.

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Son's Death

According to reports, Joshua Christmas, Pastor Kent Christmas's son Pastor Joshua Christmas, unexpectedly died on 7 February 2022. Kent took to his official Facebook page to announce the sudden demise. "Thank you for standing in faith with us. Pastor Joshua has received his ultimate healing and reward. He is in the arms of Jesus," he wrote.

Moreover, as per a message on Kent Christmas's Facebook page on 14 January 2022, Pastor Josh Christmas had had a brain bleed and ultimately died of the disease.

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Kent Christmas | Biography (2024)


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