NBA 2K24: Beginner's Guide For MyCareer (2024)

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Basketball fans always envision themselves on the hardwood and wonder if they would have what it takes to win an NBA championship. Creating a player in NBA 2K24 might not be the same as real life, but the MyCareer mode has plenty to offer.


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NBA 2K24 has a robust character creation that will task you with creating a build for your player. This is a very delicate process where even the slightest adjustment can have a multitude of ripple effects. Utilize this guide as you embark on your NBA journey and work your way toward the ultimate GOAT status in NBA 2K24.

How To Create Player Build

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The first step in creating your MyCareer player is finalizing their appearance. For the most realistic experience, you can scan your face into NBA 2K24 by using MyNBA 2K Companion. If you’re unable to scan your face or simply don’t want to, there are several facial features for you to adjust.

After you’ve finished editing your player’s appearance, you will have to adjust the attributes for your build. You can either start the build from scratch or one that’s modeled from an NBA star but we recommend creating a unique build for yourself.

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The custom build template will have you adjusting four key areas:

  • Position
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Wingspan

By adjusting these four areas, the attributes will positively or negatively change as well as what types of badges you can unlock and equip. For example, a longer wingspan will increase your ability to block and rebound, but it will reduce your ball handling and ability to drive to the basket.

Depending on what position you’re playing and what play style you wish to achieve, you might need to tinker with the physical attributes a bit to find your prime player archetype.

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Next, you’ll spend the Attribute Potential throughout the attributes to determine how your player will max out. Ultimately, the position you choose will influence the importance of which attributes you’d want to prioritize, but we recommend focusing on these attributes.

  • Free Throw
  • Three-Point Shot
  • Pass Accuracy
  • Interior or Perimeter Defense
  • Defensive Rebound
  • Vertical
  • Stamina

Your player’s potential overall will be at 99, but the game will ultimately show you a lower potential rating. Throughout your career, you’ll need to level up your player and earn MyPoints to increase your overall rating.

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The finalized build will be compared to past and current NBA players for you to get a sense of how your player will perform on the court. You can test your build and continue to edit it or you can move on to team selection.

Once you’re satisfied with your build, you will choose which team you want to play for. After a brief cinematic, you’ll find yourself in the City. This is the main hub world for MyCareer. You can start competing against other players in the City or start your MyCareer journey with missions.

However, before you do anything, you will want to adjust the player’s shooting animations in the MyPlayer tab. Everything will be set to a Default setting but you can download free animations that mirror real NBA players to fit your style.

Some animations will be locked due to meeting certain attribute requirements or may cost Virtual Currency.

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When you’re previewing different Jump Shots, you will see four categories in the lower right corner that show the following shot attributes to help you decide.

  • Release Height
  • Release Speed
  • Defensive Immunity
  • Timing Stability

Road To GOAT

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Besides competing for championships, the main objective in MyCareer is to become the GOAT: Greatest Of All Time. According to the Logan Bradley Show, MP is among a tier of emerging young players who have incredible potential and a decent shot of becoming an NBA legend.

NBA 2K24 has a feature known as Key Games where you will play in contests that will earn you significant GOAT points. As you break records and earn various accolades, you’ll rise in the GOAT standings until you’re the best to ever do it.

How To Improve Your Player

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Besides simply competing well in games and earning high team performance grades, your player will also receive a shoe deal. Each of the seven shoe deals will offer different rewards for meeting different requirements.

  • Adidas: 2,000 VC if named Rookie of the Year
  • Converse: 2,000 VC if MP breaks the Rookie Season Blocks (397) or Steals (211) record
  • Jordan: 2,000 VC if you win the NBA Finals
  • New Balance: 2,000 VP if MP is named to All-Rookie Team and records 1,000 or more Rebounds
  • Nike: 2,000 VC if named Rookie or Player of the Month five or more times this season
  • Puma: 2,000 VC if MP breaks the Rookie Season Triple-Doubles record (26)
  • Under Armour: 2,000 VC if MP breaks the Rookie Season Three-Pointers Made record (206)
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Competing in normal NBA games isn’t the only way to improve your player. Participating in pick-up games and tournaments in the City will also provide opportunities for substantial upgrades.

After meeting with Ronnie 2K near the beach, he will explain that once you reach level 90 you will unlock additional perks to take your game to the next level.

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One of the MyCareer missions involves you joining one of the City affiliates Rise or Elite. These affiliates will offer specific improvements by completing a variety of tasks within the affiliate.


  • Brand new Heat Check gameplay boost
  • Earn a permanent boost to your finishing attributes
  • Earn a permanent boost to your Playmaking attributes


  • Brand new Two-Way Tenacity gameplay boost
  • Earn a permanent boost to your defense attributes
  • Earn a permanent boost to your Shooting attributes
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In the arena, you can find the Backstage Gym off to the side of the locker room and there will be several exercises to improve your player. You can upgrade badges, gain an additional turbo meter, and adjust the physical appearance of your body. If you earn three stars or better on five workouts you will receive an additional turbo meter.

What Are The City Activities?

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Two main areas to participate in pick games are the Rec and Sunset Park. The Rec is an indoor gym where several people gather to face off in normal pick-up games or organized tournaments.

While the Rec contests are with other players online, games played at Sunset Park will be against the computer. There are three tiers in Sunset Park and each matchup will be more difficult than the one before. It’s recommended to come to Sunset Park periodically throughout your career as you improve to take over the park.

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Another activity to check out weekly is the races by Hanna Ray. These races change weekly and some of them may require you to use a bike, so if you only own the skateboard you won’t be able to participate.

Don’t overlook these activities as you can earn prizes like MyTeam coins.

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