NBA 2K24 MyCAREER Beginner's Guide (2024)

If NBA 2K24 is your first NBA 2K game in some time, or perhaps your first overall, you may not know how MyCAREER works. No worries, in this NBA 2K24 MyCAREER Guide, we'll explain how MyCAREER works in NBA 2K24 to help you get comfortable right away. Note, we'll be going over the new-gen versions of NBA 2K24. MyCAREER on PC, PS4, and Xbox One are severely different from the experience on PS5 and Series X|S.


As we start this NBA 2K24 MyCAREER Guide, there's five things you need to focus and prepare on.

Building Your MyPLAYER

You cant' start MyCAREER without first building your MyPLAYER. Building a MyPLAYER seems complex at first, but it's actually pretty simple. Additionally, NBA 2K24 offers an even more simplified way or creating your MyPLAYER by using MyPLAYER Builds. So in case you want to emulate Mikal Bridge's playing style, there's a way of doing so. However, you can also create a custom-build player, with their own height, weight, wingspan, and attribute upgrades.

After you set your dimensions, you then have tons of points to spend freely on any attributes. No matter which position you play, we always recommend upgrading your five physical traits. This includes yourStamina, Speed, Strength, Vertical, and Acceleration. Having more Stamina means you can stay in the game longer without getting tired out. Additionally, every NBA player needs to be able to move quickly while being able to endure the fast-moving pace of the game.

In all honesty, there are tons of MyPLAYER building guides out there, but just go with what you like. We have our own player build guides, but we don't expect you to just blindly them. Thankfully, 2K24 offers you a chance to test your player build, editing them along the way to find the play style you like.

Outside of your attributes, you can also scan your own face and use it to customize your player's appearance. ClutchPoints has a dedicated guide on how to import your own face onto the game via an iOS or Android device. Additionally, you can always edit a player's height and appearance later.

Play Conservative

After your player is created, you get the chance to meet with your sponsor, before going on to meet Assistant Coach Warren. You can knock out two birds with one stone by getting an endorsem*nt deal (with a bonus objective for VC), and setting up your Goat Skills.

Choosing who you want in your endorsem*nt deal doesn't matter, but your GOAT Skills do. However, like attributes, just select the skills you think suit your player best. You have two slots to start with, and you can choose between Shooting, Finishing, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounds. You need to reach a certain criteria in before unlocking a skill for the rest of a game.

When you finally finish your creation and customization, you get to play your first game. Now just remember, you're a 60 OVR, unless you bought one of the special editions that grants extra VC. So don't be a hero, and don't play aggressive. Pass the ball to your teammates, and aim for assists and screens. Additionally, use your teammates your advantage by having them set up screens for possible scoring situations.

You earn more XP and VC depending on how well you play. Your player grade plays a massive factor in deciding how much you earn. So if you commit few turnovers, pass the ball around, get some baskets, and play decent defense you should get a solid grade. Avoid asking for the ball too much, making bad shot selections, and transitioning slowly to the other side of the court.

In general, you're going to need to rinse and repeat this strategy until you get more comfortable with the game and yourself, As you upgrade your abilities over time, then you can start to be a bit more flashy and try some crazier moves.

A big feature in 2K24 MyCAREER is Key Games. These are the games that matter most as they give a better XP boost, and usually tie in with your storyline. Out of all games you play, you should play these and try your absolute best. Don't be threatened by them too much when you're still early in your season, but always be on your guard.

2K24 MyCAREER Guide – Explore The City

Shortly after your first game, you finally get to visit The City, which hosts a ton of different stores, activities, and locations to explore. When you first start, there's going to be a a lot of activities you can do. By the time you finish your first three games, try to meet and talk with all of these characters:

  • Ronnie2K
    • Ronnie 2K returns once again, located on the Beachfront area. He'll tell you about the Rebirth Quest Line, which requires you reaching level 90 OVR before continuing.
  • Jake From State Farm
    • Get some free swagger
  • Chris Manning & Shakedown
    • Learn about RISE vs. ELITE
  • Chris Brickley (TEXT)
    • Chris Brickley texts you, inviting you to his Gym to play some hoops whenever
  • Chris Matthews
    • Finishing our trio of Chris, Matthews helps improve your shooting skills at the Art Of Shooting Facility

Additionally, the NBA 2K24 City features three courts, Sunset Park, The Point, and The Yard. These courts feature different matchups that you play against in 3v3 configurations. In the beginning, I wouldn't mess too much with these areas, as your skill level may not be ready for it. But keep these locations in mind.

There's plenty of other locations in The City, but we tried to just focus on the ones we feel really matter for progressing your player. Soif you feel intimidated by The City, or just don't like it, you can stay in the Arena for most of the time. The only main things I suggest doing in the City are:

  • Chris Brickley's Gym
  • Art Of Shooting School
  • Gatorade Training Facility
  • Respective Affiliation Quests and Assignments
  • Miscellaneous Side Quests

Additionally, check out our Mamba Mentality Quest Guide on how to unlock an insanely cool ability.

Practice Makes Perfect in NBA 2K24's MyCAREER

Be sure to train before every game at the team facility, and always do your weekly workouts at the Gatorade Training Facility. If you think you need more time to get used to the game, check out some of NBA 2K24's other modes, like MyNBA and maybe MyTEAM (though don't spend your VC in the latter).

These practices and training sessions don't make you a better player over night, but it gets you used to the new player mechanics and ProPLAY technology in 2K24. Overall, these practices serve as a way for you to get better at the game, earning some slight progress along the way.

Spend VC Wisely and ONLY on NBA 2K24 MyCAREER!

The most important thing about your MyCAREER experience is saving up VC, the virtual currency that's existed in NBA 2K for a long time now. You can use VC in various modes, like MyTEAM, but most players tend to save or spend their VC on their MyPLAYER.

VC can be used to upgrade your player's attributes throughout the seasons. The costs to upgrade just one attribute point can be pretty pricey, so be sure to save your VC for upgrades you really need. This is especially important in NBA 2K24 as upgrading your attributes may earn you new or improved badges. So, how does one earn VC?

There are multiple ways to earn VC in NBA 2K24. The easiest way is to check out the weekly 2K TV Show, which features 15 questions per week. You get 200 VC for every correct answer, giving you a total of 3,000 for just watching a tv show. Additionally, different quests in MyCAREER also offer VC.

Lastly, just playing games in the Arena grants you VC depending on the difficulty you play.

  • Rookie – 30% VC & 65% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Semi-Pro – 60% VC & 75% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Pro – 100% VC & 100% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • All-Star – 120% VC & 120% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Superstar – 140% VC & 140% MyPOINTS Modifier
  • Hall of Fame – 160% VC & 160% MyPOINTS Modifier

Of course, 2K allows you to just buy VC straight up, but that strategy is frowned upon by the community, who consider it a pay-to-win strategy. Additionally, prices for VC in the shop are incredibly expensive for a game that you might not be playing in a year's time. However, if you really don't care, then feel free to pull out your wallet.

And that wraps up this NBA 2K24 MyCAREER Guide. Overall, it gets pretty easy to understand once you get into the rhythm of it. Just be patient, keep playing your games, and have fun as you enjoy the beauty of the struggle.

For more gaming and NBA news, visit ClutchPoints.

NBA 2K24 MyCAREER Beginner's Guide (2024)


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