Season 8 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (2024)

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Season 8 of NBA 2K24 features New York Liberty star Sabrina Ionescu, NBA Summer League, WNBA season, and Team USA.

Summer hoops are heating up with the dawn of Season 8 in NBA 2K24, headlined by New York Liberty star Sabrina Ionescu. As a former college standout and two-time WNBA All-Star, Ionescu is primed to carry the torch as the first solo WNBA athlete to become a Season hero.

During the next six weeks, knock down long-range shots behind the arc, facilitate the offense, and lead your team to victory like Ionescu to earn XP and all-new thematic rewards. Throughout the City (New Gen) and the Neighborhood (Current Gen), set to be an eventful summer; experience all of the action in NBA 2K24!


Season 8 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (1)

We love seeing green shot meters, but feel free to mix in a little red, white, and blue during Season 8 to show off your team spirit with patriotic MyCAREER rewards. This Season, support the USA Men’s and Women’s basketball teams as they embark on a quest for gold. As you earn XP, you’ll acquire Team USA themed rewards, along with new vehicles, outfits, and consumables.

Take a look at some of the featured rewards this Season:

  • Level 15 Team USA Outfit
  • Level 20 NBA Mascot
  • Level 25 Anime Hairstyle
  • Level 29 GOAT Mascot (Current Gen)
  • Level 30 4 Seater Golf Cart
  • Level 36 Season 8 Racing Suit
  • Level 39 Orange Man Suit
  • Level 40 Gold Floor Setter

Season 8 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (2)

Strive for victory, accumulate XP, and add to your ever-growing collection of cosmetics and other rewards this Season. You won’t want to miss the fireworks on or off the court this summer, with plenty of action-packed events headed your way.


Some of the greatest basketball players of all time have suited up for Team USA, proudly wearing the red, white, and blue on the world’s biggest international stages. During Season 8, we’re honoring many of the current and historic players by introducing Invincible Team USA MyTEAM cards for you to add to your lineup. Invincible Team USA MyTEAM cards will be available via mode rewards, packs and earnable through agendas all Season long. Be on the lookout for special agendas and Team USA themed rewards, in addition to other Season 8 rewards.

Every team needs an enforcer—someone who can do the dirty work on defense, even if it doesn’t always show up on the stat sheet. For Season 8 of NBA 2K24, we’re introducing a handful of MyTEAM cards that can give you a defensive edge, with some elite scorers mixed in as well.

Lock down opponents and reel in rebounds with the Level 1 100 OVR Dennis Rodman card. The seven-time NBA regular-season leader in rebounds and two-time Defensive Player of the Year excelled at dominating the glass and forcing turnovers throughout his career. Known for his championship pedigree, relentless tenacity, and signature style, this Hall of Famer can impact your lineup in more ways than one.

In 2021-2022, Marcus Smart became the first guard to win the Defensive Player of the Year award since Gary Payton, aka ‘The Glove’, won the award back in 1995-1996. Smart’s on-ball defense, coupled with his size and quickness, can make life miserable for any opposing guard. Add the Level 10 Dark Matter Marcus Smart card to your lineup and start wreaking havoc.

To complement your abundance of defense, balance out your lineup with the Level 20 Dark Matter Rashard Lewis card. The 15-year veteran was one of the first stretch forwards to thrive in the NBA, with his distinct 6’10” frame and silky smooth jumpshot. With the ability to play small forward and power forward, Lewis was a nightmare matchup thanks to his ability to stretch the floor.

Season 8 features yet another Defensive Player of the Year—sensing a theme yet? Anchor your squad with the Level 25 Dark Matter Jaren Jackson Jr. card to provide a shot-blocking presence down low. In 2023, Jackson became the second-youngest player in NBA history to win the award after averaging a league-leading 3 blocks per game.

With the Level 1 100 OVR Dennis Rodman reward, Level 35 100 OVR Jerry Stackhouse, and the Level 37 100 OVR Wheel Spin you can climb the Season rewards ladder to add three 100 Overall Player Cards to your squad during Season 8.

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Finally, unleash a defensive and offensive powerhouse with the final reward of the Seasonal ladder: the Level 40 G.O.A.T. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar card. The 19-time All-Star, six-time MVP, six-time NBA champion, and 11-time All-Defense center was unstoppable at both ends of the floor during his heyday, and now you can terrorize opposing teams with his patented sky hook and smothering defense. Realize your MyTEAM dreams with Kareem in single-player and multiplayer formats.

Be sure to check out the MyTEAM Season Playbook page for more news and information about the card-collecting mode, and other MyTEAM happenings during Season 8.


We're not even halfway through the WNBA regular season, and there’s been no shortage of storylines, drama, and exceptional rookie performances. From Sabrina Ionescu’s dominant start to rookies Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, and Cameron Brink showcasing their potential, it’s been an exciting time to be a WNBA fan. The WNBA All-Star game takes place in late July, but you can prepare for the star-studded event by competing for rewards and glory in The W Online. This Season features new Jersey and Shoe cards, Seasonal Perks, and boosts; take a look below.

Weekly Goal

  • Kahleah Copper Heroine Edition Jersey
  • Team Accelerator Boosts
  • Team Resilience Boosts
  • Team Extender Boosts
  • Helping Hands Boosts
  • Player Boosts

Season Rewards

  • 2KBreakthrough Skins
  • MyTEAM Exhibit A Shoe Card
  • Sheryl Swoopes MyTEAM Coach Card
  • Sheryl Swoopes Historic T-Shirt
  • Level C, B, A, S Seasonal Perk High Risk
  • Kahleah Copper All-Star Jersey

Draw inspiration from WNBA stars and compete against other players in The W Online today!


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Enjoy more out-of-this-world content with the Season 8 Pro Pass, featuring 40 additional premium rewards for you to earn, on top of the 40 rewards available through the standard Seasonal ladder. This Season, you can unlock new rewards that will be waiting for you in NBA 2K25! If you buy NBA 2K25 within the same console-family, the Season 8 Pro Pass for NBA 2K24 also entitles you to the following rewards in NBA 2K25: MyPLAYER Air Jordan 1 Black/Gold + Black/Gold Jumpman Oversize T-Shirt and Black and Gold Robe, Amethyst Derrick Rose MyTEAM Card and a Pro Pass Pack.***

Chase premium rewards this Season, including the Level 1 Ski Mask, Level 15 Oversized Hoodie, Level 36 Anime Fire Shorts, Level 39 Green Alien Suit, and Level 40 Pro Pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar MyTEAM card with center and point guard eligibility. The Season 8 Pro Pass also contains VC, 2XP Coins, and other consumables.

The NBA 2K24 Pro Pass: Season 8 takes your MyCAREER and MyTEAM experience to the next level.


Want to share your thoughts on Season 7 of NBA 2K24? Click here and take our six-minute NBA 2K Community Survey to let us know what you’d like to see more of in the future! The survey will be available through July 1, 2024.


*The W Online mode and related content are available on New Gen only

**NBA 2K24 Season Pass FREE rewards require unlocking with gameplay. NBA 2K24 Pro Season Passes and Hall of Fame Passes are available for separate purchase and require base game, internet connection and NBA 2K Account. Paid premium Passes unlock additional rewards for the Season that are earnable through gameplay. Progress and rewards reset at the end of each Season. For more information on Season Pass, go to

***Requires purchase of NBA 2K25 within the same console family, internet connection and NBA 2K Account (minimum age varies). Rewards for NBA 2K25 will be automatically entitled in-game after linking the NBA 2K Account used for NBA 2K24 with NBA 2K25. Terms apply.

Take your NBA 2K24 Season 8 experience to the next level with the Pro Pass, featuring 40 levels of earnable premium rewards. Buy NBA 2K25 and jump start your collection to receive the MyPLAYER Air Jordan 1 Black/Gold, Black/Gold Jumpman Oversize T-Shirt and Black and Gold Robe, Amethyst Derrick Rose MyTEAM Card and a Pro Pass Pack.*

Season 8 Courtside Report | NBA 2K24 (2024)


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